Northeast New York Chapter

Chapter Information

The Northeast New York PCNA Chapter started as the Lipids Task Force more than 15 years ago under the leadership of Laurie Kopin. Today it serves the Great Rochester Area, Central, Western and Northern New York Areas including: Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, Watertown, Plattsburg, Olean and Utica.

Members consist of register nurses, nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, cardiac rehabilitation and critical care nurses as well as ambulatory care.

The goal of the Northeast New York PCNA Chapter is to provide community education throughout the Great Rochester, Central and Western New York Region and support excellence in cardiovascular care through education and awareness. The chapter works closely with Mended Hearts and the American Heart Association.

“This year I am looking for active members who are interested in taking on a leadership role in developing a Chapter Board of Directors. The goal is to bring members from several health systems/hospitals or cities to ensure we represent the interests of all our members. This will promote future growth and long-term success to our chapter.” - Lori Shiro

Upcoming Events

Chapter Leader

We are currently seeking a chapter leader. If you are interested in learning more, contact Mariel Snyder.