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Non-Statin Therapies for Lipid Management

November 8, 2021

Susan Halli-Demeter, RN, DNP, CLS reviews the benefits of non-statin, LDL-C-lowering therapies for patients with very high-risk atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease (ASCVD) and severe hypercholesterolemia.

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Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) Awareness: Reducing Health Disparities

September 9, 2021
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Peripheral artery disease (PAD) and heart disease share the same risk factors and often co-exist. This CE course on PAD is presented by Abbie Schrader, ARNP, who discusses the epidemiology of PAD and its comorbidities, including the disparities in diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes. PAD is a life-threatening condition that can be managed with proper care,…

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2021 Pharmacology Sessions

August 4, 2021
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Clinical management of chronic cardiovascular disease is a key component of the work of advanced practice nurses and RNs in the cardiology and primary care settings. This annual pharmacology CE program was designed to meet the clinical practice and recertification needs of these clinicians. This 2021 curriculum includes a comprehensive approach to pharmacology in: The…

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Talking About Obesity

November 9, 2021

Addressing Barries to Communicating Effectivey About Obesity There are conversations that many of us dread. The subject matter is difficult. It may not be the first time we’ve had this discussion with the individual—and maybe our previous interactions did not go very smoothly. We know we should think about options—and plan—for the interaction, but we…

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Physical Activity, Exercise Training and Heart Failure: Does Intensity Matter?

October 29, 2021

Heart failure currently affects an estimated 6.2 million US adults1 and approximately 2% of individuals on a global scale.2 According to recommendations by the American College of Cardiology Foundation and the American Heart Association (AHA), exercise training is considered an effective treatment for chronic heart failure at a class 1 level3 and recognized as a…

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Is Cardiovascular Disease Part of Hispanic Heritage?

October 7, 2021

Thank you to Brenda Olmos, MSN, APRN, FNP-C and Emily Jones, PhD, RNC-OB, FAHA, FPCNA for this article on cardiovascular disease and Hispanic heritage. During Hispanic Heritage Month, many organizations are recognizing the contributions of Latinos/Hispanics/Latinx populations to American society. (For the purpose of this article, these terms will be used interchangeably to preserve the original…

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Heart Failure Summit

December 2

This engaging, guidelines-based program includes best practices, collegial connections, and inspiration. As the progression of heart failure varies from individual to individual, knowing about and applying strategies in both disease management and patient support can benefit both providers and their patients, families, and caregivers.