Budgets and Funding for Chapter Programs

  1. Sponsorship Policy
  2. Exhibitor Fees

Sponsorship Policy

All chapter programs are free to all attendees. PCNA is able to offer these programs at no cost through chapter meeting sponsorships. Working with local sponsors helps to build lasting relationships that can help support future meetings and help to grow your chapter. The national office works hard to secure sponsors for all of our programs, however, sometimes chapters are approached individually by local sponsors unknown to us.

  1. Sponsors will pay a flat fee to the PCNA National Office. This amount will be agreed upon between the National Office and the Sponsor. Typically this fee will be a percentage based on the cost of the meeting and number of attendees. This percentage will cover PCNA National office time (CE review, marketing, financial management, administrative coordination, etc.), AV charges, room rental, food and beverage, and speaker honoraria.
    • The sponsor will not pay the restaurant bill directly. The sponsor sends the National Office a check directly.
    • PCNA National will pay for the restaurant deposit and bill.
  2. The Chapter alone is responsible for creating the content for the CE portion of the program or selecting content from the CE library. The sponsor may not weigh in on subject matter, content, or speaker choices for the CE portion of the event.
  3. PCNA cannot provide CE credit for programs created by a sponsor.  AANP is very clear/strict about PCNA’s CE status as an approved provider, not an approver of CE.

Additional Helpful Notes

Use the following statement before and after the CE portion of the event. “This is the CE portion of this PCNA event. You will receive {X} amount of continuing education on the following CE program {Title of Program}. Signs are great if you have them; a power point slide should also be used between the commercial presentation and CE portion to distinguish the two parts.  

A commercial event/product theater is a presentation given by an outside vender that is selling or promoting a product.

Exhibit Fees

Another way to sponsor your event is to have local companies or local representatives of national companies set up a tabletop exhibit at your program. The fee to exhibit is $500. 

  • Exhibit spaces are typically a 6’ table top booth set up outside of the learning space, such as in the foyer outside of the meeting room. 
  • If exhibits are set up in the learning space due to space limitations, please ask venue personnel to set up a pipe and drape, or another type of barrier which separates learning from promotional areas.

Other Useful Tips

  1. If you need an official letter requesting sponsorship, the National Office will be happy to provide you with a sponsorship letter template and letterhead on which to send.  If you do not feel comfortable sending this letter, please contact Mariel.
  2. PCNA feels very strongly that Chapter Meetings not turn into pharmaceutical dinners.  We appreciate the financial support they give our Chapters, but our Chapters exist to serve the mission and goals of the organization.
  3. People may require a W9 from PCNA. Please contact Mariel for a copy of this form.