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High triglyceride levels are common in the US - affecting nearly 1 in 4 adults. Triglycerides above 175 mg/dL are considered an important CV risk modifier according to the AHA/ACC Cholesterol Guideline. Learn about the link between CVD and Triglycerides and accepted treatments for reducing your patients' CVD risk.

New Apporach to Reducing Cardiovascular Risk Beyond LDL-1

Triglycerides and CV Risk

This multi-functional resource was developed for healthcare providers to serve as an evidence-based guide to assist with their therapeutic decision-making to reduce cardiovascular risks for adult patients with elevated triglycerides (TGs). In addition to offering a historical perspective for treating lower TGs on patient outcomes, this resource also offers a clinical perspective for healthcare providers on the impact of omega-3 fatty acid products on the reduction of CVD risk outcomes.

This tool was developed by the American Pharmacists Association with contributions from PCNA.

Reviewed May 2023

Disclaimer: Please be aware that these forms include a sample of current clinical guidelines. However, clinical guidelines (federal, state, local, or those issued by clinical organizations) change over time, so the reader should remember to investigate any recent legal or clinical developments.