Purpose of the Committee

The purpose of the Continuing Education (CE) Committee is to ensure that PCNA program content is consistent with the mission and goals of the organization and includes information and activities designed to enhance the ability of diverse healthcare providers including nurses, nurse practitioners, and other advanced practice nurses, to provide high-quality patient care, research, education, and administration.  The CE Committee is dedicated to ensuring that PCNA’s educational content champions information regarding equitable care of the diverse cardiovascular patient populations and provides inclusive learning opportunities.

Description of Duties

  • Evaluate material submitted by staff/leaders/committees/editors as indicated by the list of program requirements deemed necessary by the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners
  • Perform research as necessary to prove statements made in the material submitted
  • Evaluate the qualifications of leaders/speakers/editors in order to ensure their expertise in the material presented
  • Ensure that the material being presented is acceptable given the audience specified
  • Meet on periodic conference calls to review AANP requirements and committee procedures
  • Communicate with PCNA staff and program leaders/committees/editors as needed

Requirements for Continuing Education Committee Members

  • Member of PCNA
  • Experienced cardiovascular clinician, educator, researcher, or administrator
  • Experienced in preventive cardiology
  • 50% or more of committee must be experienced nurse practitioner with expertise in cardiovascular care of patients

Guidelines and Committee Terms

  • Committee members will serve a two-year term, with an option to renew for one additional two-year term.
  • The Nominations and Awards Committee will appoint committee chairs with consultation from the current chair.
  • Once an individual has served as a committee chair (two-year term) he/she has the opportunity to serve on the committee for only one additional consecutive year.
  • The committee chair is responsible for working with the committee to set short and long term goals. These will be presented to the board annually