Simple Steps for Hosting an Event

  1. Summing Up: 8 Easy Steps to Host a CE Chapter Event
  2. Chapter Marketing

Summing Up: 8 Easy Steps to Host a CE Chapter Event

1. Date/Time/Location
Determine the date of your program. Typically weekday events take place in the evening and weekend events take place in the morning. Choose a location that is central to attendees if possible. If you estimate less than 50 people attending your meeting, reserve a private room at a restaurant, community center, or hospital. Make sure AV is available at your venue.

2. Budget
PCNA will cover the cost of your program. Your budget will be based on your estimated attendance, but try to stay between $25-$35 a person. If possible, you will be assigned a 1-hour non-CE presentation to your agenda to help offset costs.

3. CE Topic & Agenda
Choose a CE slide deck from the CE library or submit your own original content. Then set an agenda for the program. An example agenda for a weekday evening program is below.

5:30 pm – Welcome and Sign In
5:45 pm – 1 hour CE presentation (10-15 min of Q & A)
6:45 pm – 1 hour CE presentation (10-15 min of Q & A)
7:45 pm – Closing

4. Speakers
Identify a speaker that is knowledgeable about the CE topic you choose. They will need to complete a Bio, Disclosure, and a W9 if you wish to offer an honorarium. 

5. Communication
The national office will send out email invitations to PCNA nurses in your area one month prior to the event, 2 weeks prior, and 1 week prior. Event details and a registration link will be included in these emails. A final email reminder will go out to registrants a few days prior to your event. It is your responsibility to review this email before it is sent out.

6. Materials
The following items will be sent to you prior to your event:

  • Registration sign-in sheet
  • Introduction PCNA Power Point slides
  • PCNA pens and notepads
  • Patient education materials
  • Name tags

7. Beginning of your event
Make sure all attendees sign the sign-in sheet as this is the only way they will be sent an instructional email describing how to obtain their CE certificate.

8. End of your event
Send Mariel the sign-in sheet via fax, email, or mail. The sooner you can send this the better as attendees will be waiting to receive the instructional email.

National Office Address
PCNA National Office 
Attn: Mariel Snyder
613 Williamson Street STE 200
Madison, WI, 53703

Chapter Marketing

Chapter Webpages 
In an effort to build chapter awareness, PCNA provides each chapter with its own chapter webpage on the PCNA website. Each chapter page lists:

  • Chapter leader & contact information
  • A description of the chapter & area it serves
  • A calendar of local chapter events
  • Chapter photos

Although the PCNA National Office will occasionally monitor these pages, it is the responsibility of the PCNA chapter to monitor your chapter page and submit any changes to the National Office. Changes, photos, and events can be emailed to Mariel Snyder

Event Flyer
Mariel will provide a flyer template upon request.