Purpose of the Committee

The purpose of the Communications Committee is to inform the nursing community, especially PCNA members, of topics of interest to their professional and clinical practice as related to preventive cardiology. The committee is responsible for addressing topics that appear in PCNA’s pages in the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing, social media and the email newsletter.

Description of Duties

PCNA’s Section in the Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing

  • Committee meets on a bi-monthly conference call to discuss topic ideas (approximately 1 hour)
  • Each committee member is responsible for approximately one 500-word article per issue (bi-monthly).
  • Committee members are responsible for suggesting article ideas for each issue. Past articles have included:
    • Information on membership, educational opportunities, new clinical tools designed by PCNA, advocacy issues, and other important association updates.
    • Highlights of the annual symposium through summary of key topics presented, and publication of the first place poster abstracts in the research and education categories.
    • Highlights of a variety of preventive cardiology topics important to PCNA members.
    • Highlights of topics important to PCNA liaisons (e.g., Stroke Council, Geriatric Nursing Initiative, National Lipid Association, etc).
    • Overview of latest evidenced-based guidelines related to prevention.
    • Highlights of PCNA chapter news events.
    • Highlights of PCNA sponsored award recipients: Terry Thomas Clinical Practice Award, Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Award, and PCNA Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Award (AHA)
  • Committee members help edit the final version of each edition before going to print.
  • Staff will adapt the stories for use in the newsletter and social media.
  • Stories will appear without byline.

As-Needed Advisory Role

  • Committee members will provide nursing insight on as-needed basis to staff.

Requirements for Communication Committee Members

  • Member of PCNA
  • Able to write on short notice
  • Experience in publishing in nursing venues, and/or serving as journal reviewer

Guidelines and Committee Terms

  • Committee members will serve a two-year term, with an option to renew for one additional two-year term.
  • The Nominations and Awards Committee will appoint committee chairs with consultation from the current chair.
  • Once an individual has served as a committee chair (two-year term) he/she has the opportunity to serve on the committee for only one additional consecutive year.
  • The committee chair is responsible for working with the committee to set short and long term goals. These will be presented to the board annually.