Creating Your Own CE Slide Deck

  1. Submitting Original CE Content
  2. Necessary Documentation for PCNA CE Providership

1. Submitting Original CE Content

Thank you for your commitment to ensuring that PCNA develops high-quality continuing education programs.  Please reference the guidelines below when working with staff, committees, authors, and faculty in program development. 

Needs Assessment

  • Literature review demonstrates that a problem or educational/clinical practice gap exists 
  • Literature review shows that nurse-managed cases improve patient outcomes
  • Survey data from PCNA members and program evaluations demonstrate educational needs

Objectives and Content Summaries

  • Objectives and content summaries are developed based on the findings in the needs assessment
  • All objectives are written in a manner in which, when evaluated by participants for having been achieved, may be measured for effectiveness. 

Effective verbs to use in writing measurable educational objectives include: Cite, Define, Identify, List, Apply, Implement, Develop, Integrate, Summarize, Compare, Contrast, Categorize, Describe, Classify, Explain, Calculate, Perform, Outline, Distinguish, Demonstrate

  • All objectives and content summaries are free of commercial bias
  • All objectives and content summaries demonstrate that this activity will exceed the learner’s basic nursing education


  • The authors/faculty selected are qualified to develop/present material to an NP or higher level audience, including those identified as the target audience.
  • The authors/faculty selected to develop/present this material have no perceived conflicts of interest, such as serving on an industry’s speakers bureau in the same general clinical area, or an employee of the sponsoring company.
  • In the case of perceived conflict of interest, the planning committee shall work with those involved in development to determine if, upon further investigation the author/faculty member should be allowed to continue or should be dismissed.

2. Necessary Documentation for PCNA CE Providership

Before CE Event

  • Speaker Bio (Completed by Speaker)
  • Speaker Disclosure (Completed by Speaker)
  • CE Program Outline Form (Completed by Speaker)
  • CE Planning Disclosure Form (completed by Chapter Leader)
  • Application for CE (completed by Chapter Leader)

During CE Event

All attendees must sign the sign-in sheet. If they did not pre-register they must provide their email address. This is the only way we can send them an informational email after the event with instructions on how to obtain their CE.

After CE Event

Provide national with attendee list via email, fax, or by mail.