Purpose of the Committee

The purpose of the Membership Committee is to enhance the PCNA membership experience by recognizing member achievement, explaining best use of and maintaining membership benefits, promoting the mission and goals of the organization to the healthcare community, and fostering productive relationships between members and Chapter Leaders.

Description of Duties

  • Meet for quarterly scheduled conference calls to discuss committee activities and report on project progress
  • Work with Membership and Chapter Coordinator to review and offer feedback on various membership projects.
  • Work with Membership and Chapter Coordinator to identify creative ways to expand membership and increase membership retention rate.
  • Research, analyze, develop and sustain successful outreach strategies to communicate with target audiences in order to grow PCNA membership and communicate the mission and goals of the organization

Requirements for Membership Committee Members

  • Leadership experience
  • Be an active member of PCNA in good standing
  • Be willing to fulfill the obligations of the committee, in the capacity indicated

Guidelines and Committee Terms

  • Committee members will serve a two-year term, with an option to renew for one additional two-year term.
  • The Nominations and Awards Committee will appoint committee chairs with consultation from the current chair. The position of chair will be offered to someone who has demonstrated leadership and active participation on the membership committee for at least one year.
  • Once an individual has served as a committee chair (two-year term) he/she has the opportunity to serve on the committee for only one additional consecutive year.
  • The committee chair is responsible for working with the committee to set short and long term goals. These will be presented to the board annually.