We understand that budgets are tight and it can be challenging to get approval to attend a conference. To help, we’ve put together this guide for justifying your attendance.

5 Steps to Convince Your Boss

1. Review the Program Schedule

Think of your institution’s specific goals or needs and then look at the program schedule to figure out how you might apply the conference sessions to these goals. When speaking with your employer about attending the conference, focus on what you will bring back to demonstrate a return on the investment.

  • Which topics or specific break-out sessions are particularly relevant to your job, department, or hospital’s current priorities and goals or needs? Identify specifically what you can use, and how.
  • Which of the sessions are most relevant to your skill development, goals, or your unit/hospital’s expectations of you? What new skills, techniques, or approaches will you bring back?

2. Complete a Request Letter

Prior to the conference, you will most likely have to submit forms or letters to your supervisor to approve the costs associated with attending. We have put together a sample letter to get things started for you. Feel free to customize and tweak it as you need.

Download the sample justification letter

3. Bring it Back Home

You’ll return home from the Cardiovascular Nursing Symposium rejuvenated, inspired, and informed. Commit to harnessing this new-found energy by sharing what you’ve learned with your colleagues. Hosting a briefing or Q&A session or submitting a written report will make the case that the meeting provided a good return on investment for your employer.

Download the sample post-conference report


  • Remind your supervisor that demonstrating staff participation in continuing education is vital to securing and keeping magnet status.
  • Take advantage of early registration to secure the lowest possible registration fee.
  • Offer to share a room to reduce hotel expenses.
  • Apply for a travel scholarship.
  • Be ready with a plan that shows who will cover for you while you are attending the conference.
  • Communicate the value of PCNA’s Cardiovascular Nursing Symposium. A stand-alone 60-minute CE webinar can cost over $100. You can earn up to 23.5 CE contact hours, 9.2 pharmacology credits as low as $469 (member’s early registration price).
  • Take advantage of networking. Our conferences are an unmatched source for networking, bringing together nurses and other cardiovascular experts from across the country and around the world. You will be able to acquire valuable information and insights and share goals and challenges with fellow professionals.
    • Share your stories and experiences with attendees from your geographic region. Check out the table toppers in the main arena room to find others who live and work in your area, network during the course of the day, and leave with new professional connections you can continue when you are back home.
    • Attend a local chapter meeting to really get to know nurses in your area.