Step 1: Determine Feasibility

It is important to determine the need for a local chapter in your area. Chapters provide the opportunity for additional education and networking among colleagues. Additionally, be sure to determine that there are a sufficient number of members and potential members in the geographical area to support the formal structure of a chapter (at least 25).

  1. Establish proposed boundaries of the new chapter. Keep in mind:
    • Travel time to meetings (≤ 2 hours by car)
    • Proximity of other chapters
  2. Determine current membership in your area by asking the national office for a printout of members within the proposed boundaries.  (Please include a zip code and mile radius).  Email your request to Mariel Snyder at
  3. Determine potential membership by collecting the name and contact information of individuals who might be interested in joining the regional chapter from the following sources:
    • List of PCNA members (use as referrals)
    • List of clinics, hospitals, and private practice offices in your area
    • Local AHA, AACVPR, or other affiliates
    • Local associations (American Hospital Association, etc.)

Step 2: Identify Leadership

It is important to have support from colleagues in chapter start-up. Identify 1-3 individuals who would commit to spend time planning chapter events. 

Step 3: Time Requirements

As a chapter leader, you must be willing to manage all aspects of your chapter including starting the petition, recruiting members, planning meetings, and reporting back to the PCNA National Office on the success of your chapter each year. Make sure you can make the commitment before you start a chapter. 

Step 4: Contact the National Office

Still up for a rewarding challenge?  Contact Mariel Snyder, Membership and Chapter Coordinator at the PCNA National Office by phone at 608-250-2440 or email at  

Leaders will be sent a hard copy of the Chapter Manual which contains Chapter Guidelines, Application, a link to their new chapter’s petition which requires the signatures of 25 PCNA members, and other information which will be useful in planning a Chapter Meeting.  

Also, Leaders will be assigned a mentor, or another Chapter Leader, who has demonstrated marked success in promoting the mission and goals of PCNA in their Chapter region. 

Step 5: Organize an Informational Meeting

You’ll invite colleagues and PCNA members in your area to an informal gathering to determine interest and possible leadership in the proposed chapter. This is a great time to ask individuals to sign the Petition. 

Step 6: Wrapping up the Process

Complete the Chapter Application form and submit it to the National Office. When your application is approved, you will receive a Chapter Charter. You can then begin the process of conducting your first chapter meeting.