CVD Prevention Graduation Award

The cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention award is for a graduate student who has demonstrated a strong commitment to the prevention of cardiovascular disease through excellence in nursing practice or research. The winner of this award will receive a scholarship for registration for the next PCNA Annual Symposium and a one-year free membership in PCNA.

To be eligible one must:

  • Be currently enrolled in/have just graduated from a Masters or Doctoral Program in nursing
  • Have demonstrated a significant contribution to CVD prevention through a practice initiative, publication, research, community project, or other prevention leadership efforts
  • Have the potential to contribute to CVD prevention in his/her future career

How to Apply

Submissions open February 1 and close June 12.  Additional questions can be directed here.

Past Winners

  • Carolyn Hull, DNP, FNP-C, MSN, BSN - Yuma Regional Medical Center
  • Molly Ambler, RN, MSN - Johns Hopkins University
  • Nancy McCabe, RN, PhD - Emory University
  • Jacob Kigo Kariuki, PhD - UMass Boston
  • Sonal Patel, NP, DNP - Rush University College of Nursing


  • Sharon Beautz, CNS - The Johns Hopkins University

  • Jillian Kinton, BSN/MSN - Emory University
  • Michele Westendorf, MS, NP - The Johns Hopkins University

  • Caleb Ledford, ANP - Johns Hopkins University
  • Erin Poe Ferranti, RN, MSN, MPh, PhD - Emory University
  • Michelle Block, MSN, BSN, PhD - Loyola University
  • Sabrina White, MSN, RN, DNP - University of South Alabama


  • Jennie Johnson, RN-BC, PhD - Loyola University
  • Karen Davis, RN, ScD, FAAN - Johns Hopkins University


  • Linda Jasek Dewberry - Johns Hopkins University
  • Karen Larimer - Loyola University
  • Kathleen Hickson, PhD, MSN - University of Massachusetts -Boston
  • Martha J. Biddle - University of Kentucky


  • Elaina Burney, BSN, MSN-ACNP - Johns Hopkins University


  • Daurice Grossniklaus, MS, Med - Emory University
  • Jenea Smith, RN, BSN - University of North Florida
  • Yvette Petti, PhD, MSN, Med, APRN-BC - Rush University


  • Salima Hermani, RN, BSN, MSN - Loyola University
  • Sarah L Szanton, BSN, MSN, CRNP - Johns Hopkins University
  • Deb Greer, DNP Candidate, ARNP - University of South Florida