Heart Healthy Toolbox

Lifestyle and Behavior Change Tools

The Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association  is proud to make available A Heart Healthy Toolbox: Lifestyle Change Tools for Health Care Professionals and Their Patients, a compilation of resources to support heart healthy lifestyle education for adult patients in both the cardiology and primary care settings. 

PCNA recognizes the critical roles that healthy nutrition, physical activity and exercise, avoidance of tobacco and successful management of stress play in cardiovascular health. We also recognize the challenge of communicating evidence-based information and, more importantly, coaching patients with behavior change, in the space of a brief clinical encounter. We hope that these patient education and clinical tools will amplify your efforts.

These tools are free to download.

You can see a sneak peek at the tools by previewing 
Where's the Salt, Really? - Sodium Content in Foods (PDF).

Professional Resources, Healthy Eating, Exercise and Total Health

The Heart Health Toolbox is divided into 4 sections. 


Professional Resources
Navigating the Hurdles - Helping Your Patients Overcome Barriers to a Healthier Lifestyle

My Healthy Life Check-up - Baseline Assessment Tool

Tips for the Coach - Brief Guide to Motivational Interviewing

SMART Goals for Lasting Change - Specific Measurable, Adjustable and Time-Based Goals

Physical Activity as a Vital Sign - Assessment and Exercise Prescription

Professional Reference - Resources

Professional Reference Websites

References for Your Patients - Patient Resources

Healthy Eating Resources

Jotting It Down - Your Eating Diary

Where's the Salt, Really? - Sodium Content in Foods

Choose Your Fats Wisely - Different Types of Fats: How to Choose

Sweet Treats - How to Limit Added Sugar

Size Matters - Portion Control

Energy Balance - More than Just Math: What Makes You Gain or Lose Weight?

More Bang With Each Calorie - The Concept of Nutrient-Rich Foods

Fiber Facts - How to Increase Fruits, Vegetables, and Whole Grains

It's Not Just What You Eat, But Why - Understanding the Reasons Behind Eating Behaviors

Hunger is the Best Seasoning - Responding to Hunger Signals Appropriately

A Healthy Diet Without Breaking the Bank - Shopping on a Budget

Dressing on the Side, Please! - Six Tips for Eating Healthy When Eating Out

What to Drink? - How to Choose Among the Many Beverage Choices


Exercise and Physical Activity Resources
Move More, Sit Less - Ways to be More Active Every Day

That First Step - Starting a Physical Activity Program

It's Never Too Late - When You Are Older or Have Health Problems

Keeping on Track - Physical Activity Goal-Setting Worksheet

The Choices Are Limitless! - Weather, Safety, and Budget Challenges

All That and More! - The Many Benefits of Exercise

Tricks of the Trade - Ten Tips on How to Stick to Your Plan

Exercise Really is Medicine - Exercise Prescription

Total Health Resources

Small Changes Make a Big Difference - Encouraging Step-wise Changes Over Time

Smoke-Free Life - Resources to Support Smoking Cessation

Sleep, Blessed Sleep - The Importance of Adequate for Your Health

Life Can be a Stress Test - Stress Management Suggestions

No Man - or Woman - is an Island - Friends and Family Can Improve Your Health

The Power in How You Think - Change Your Thoughts to Get the Results You Want


A Heart Healthy Toolbox was supported by funding from The Coca-Cola Company, Inc. Disclaimer: This and other PCNA educational materials are for informational purposes only and are not intended to replace medical advice or to diagnose or to treat health problems. Health-related decisions should be made in partnership with a health care provider. It is the reader’s responsibility to seek out the most current, accurate information. PCNA disclaims all warranties with regard to such educational materials. In no event shall PCNA be liable for any special, indirect, or consequential damages or any damages whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the use of any PCNA educational materials.