PCNA Ad Specs

PCNA Advertising Specifications

Questions? Contact: Katy Walter, Communications Specialist, kwalter@pcna.net, 608.442.3442.


Digital Materials Submission

Please submit digital ads or articles to kwalter@pcna.net. Maximum file size for all digital ads is 20 KB. All digital ads must also be submitted with a hyperlink. It is the responsibility of the advertiser to provide a trackable hyperlink for performance statistics.

PCNA Website

Hundreds of thousands of health care professionals visit pcna.net each year. Promote your products, services, or announcements on a full-color small rectangle call-out ad on the PCNA website that links directly to your company’s website, web-based white-paper or social media account. The PCNA marketing department will work with you to place your ad on a highly-visible page in an area that highlights the information on your ad, such as membership, meetings, online education, advocacy, global prevention, or a variety of clinical and patient tools like blood pressure, atrial fibrillation, cholesterol, angina, and more.

 Ad Type  Width  Height  File Type  Cost
 Full-Color Small Rectangle (Static or animated)  160 px  225 px  .GIF  $750/month/page
 Full-Color Tall Rectangle (static or animated)  160 px  400 px  .GIF  $1,000/month/page

Deadline: Website advertising runs month-to-month, beginning on the first workday of the month. All ads must be received one week prior to the first workday of the month purchased.

Electronic Newsletters

Promote your products, services, or announcements on an ad or short news article in PCNA’s monthly newsletter, PCNA eNews, reaching over 29,000 health care professionals each month, or in the Annual Symposium eNews - symposium attendees' daily on-site e-newsletter.

Full-Color Ad

 Ad Type  Width  Height  File Type  Cost
 Full-Color Small Rectangle (Static or animated)  160 px  225 px  .GIF  $1,000/issue

News Article

 Ad Type  Headline  Article  Hyperlink  Cost
 "Supporter News" Article  5-10 words  25- 100 words  Allowed  $1,000/issue

2015 Issue Deadlines

 Issue   Planned Distribution Date  Ad Closing Date
 PCNA eNews: January 2015  1/7/2015  1/2/2015
 PCNA eNews: February 2015  2/4/2015  1/28/2015
 PCNA eNews: March 2015  3/4/2015  2/25/2015
 PCNA eNews: April 2015 (ACC Recap)  4/8/2015  4/1/2015
 Symposium eNews: Wednesday  4/9/2015  3/27/2015
 Symposium eNews: Thursday  4/10/2015  3/27/2015
 Symposium eNews: Friday  4/11/2015  3/27/2015
 Symposium eNews: Saturday  4/12/2015  3/27/2015
 PCNA eNews: May 2015 (Symposium Recap)  5/6/2015  4/29/2015
 PCNA eNews: June 2015  6/3/2015  5/27/2015
 PCNA eNews: July 2015  7/8/2015  7/1/2015
 PCNA eNews: August 2015  8/5/2015  7/29/2015
 PCNA eNews: September 2015  9/2/2015  8/26/2015
 PCNA eNews: October 2015  10/7/2015  9/30/2015
 PCNA eNews: November 2015  11/5/2015  10/28/2015
 PCNA eNews: December 2015 (AHA Recap)  12/2/2015  11/25/2015


2015 PCNA 21st Annual Symposium Guide

Reach hundreds of influential nurse practitioners and nurses in the on-site Symposium Guide at the PCNA Annual Symposium.

 Ad Type  Cost  Live Area  Trim  Bleed
 Full-page color inside front cover  $2,500  5.875" x 8.5"  6.625" x 9"  6.875" x 9.25"
 Full-page color back cover  $3,000  5.875" x 8.5"  6.625" x 9"  6.875" x 9.25"
 Full-page color  $1,500  5.25" x 8.5"  6" x 9"  6.25" x 9.25"
 Full-page black & white  $1,000  5.25" x 8.5"  6" x 9"  6.25" x 9.25"
 Half-page black & white  $750  5.25" x 4.0625"    

Ad Closing Date: Please submit all Annual Symposium ads by Friday, February 14, 2015. Ads will NOT be accepted past this date due to print schedules prior to the Symposium.

File Prep: Download full spec sheet

Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing

The official journal of PCNA. The Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing provides advanced practice nurses and other health care providers with information to foster expert clinical cardiovascular practice, and to increase their ability to meet physiologic,psychologic and social responses of cardiovascular patients and their families in a variety of environments.

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PCNA Supporters are eligible for discounted JCN advertising rates.