Wedell and Louie Presented with PCNA 2012 Terry Thomas Clinical Practice Award

Thursday, 19 April 2012 00:00

Washington, D.C., April 19, 2012

Two nurses from The Cardiac Therapy Foundation in Palo Alto, Calif. receive national award at PCNA’s 18th Annual Symposium in Washington, DC

Robin Wedell, BSN and Donna Louie, BSN, both from The Cardiac Therapy Foundation in Palo Alto, California were awarded the 2012 Terry Thomas Clinical Practice Award at the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association’s (PCNA) 18th Annual Symposium in Washington, DC on Thursday, April 12.

The Terry Thomas Clinical Practice Award recognizes and encourages excellence in clinical practice of cardiovascular prevention by nurses. Recipients of this award have demonstrated delivery of outstanding patient care by contributing above and beyond basic job requirements in areas such as: cardiac rehabilitation; cardiovascular risk factor management; case management; patient and family counseling and education; and has shown evidence of improving preventive cardiovascular nursing practice. In addition, award winners must have an established career in preventive cardiovascular nursing practice and contribute to the professional development of peers, colleagues, and others.

In their positions at The Cardiac Therapy Foundation of the Mid Peninsula, Wedell and Louie are responsible for establishing and improving daily operations of a free standing outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program.

Both Wedell and Louie have dedicated their nursing careers to the full and complete rehabilitation of persons with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases. What is unique about their roles is that they direct one of the only nurse managed and nurse directed free standing cardiac rehabilitation programs in the United States. The Cardiac Therapy Foundation is comprised of current and former members of the cardiac therapy program. Wedell and Louie are involved at all levels of program management, new program development, and most importantly, clinical care. They also hold an extraordinarily well attended annual program to educate the surrounding community about cardiovascular disease and prevention and are closely involved in activities that raise support throughout the community for The Cardiac Therapy Foundation.

In addition to their work at The Cardiac Therapy Foundation, Wedell and Louie have both been actively involved in PCNA and other cardiac rehabilitation professional organizations for many years. They have participated in supporting and leading workshops at the PCNA Annual Symposium and continue to serve as members and directors of the Northern California PCNA chapter.

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