Updated Access to Innovative Medicine Provider Tools

Innovative therapies to prevent and treat heart disease and stroke fill an important health care need for many.  PCNA has a number of resources for providers and patients to help them get the medicines they need.

Health Care Provider Tip Sheet

Our tip sheet for health care providers covers how to navigate administrative systems, maximize the efficiency of the prior authorization process, and improve nurse job satisfaction, adherence, and patient outcomes. 

The new version of the tip sheet now has updated web resources as well as the NCD codes for the lower prescription prices for Praluent and Repatha.

The first page of the health care provider tip sheet, “Implementing Effective Treatments”.

Patient Tip Sheet

The patient sheet is designed to help patients better understand the prior authorization process and their role in getting innovative medicines.

The updated tip sheet now includes information about accessing medications through a local as well as a specialty pharmacy. It also includes a reference to the NCD codes for patients that need it.

The first page of the patient tip sheet, “Getting the Medicines You Need”.

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