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"I would highly recommend the Cardiovascular Nursing Certificate as additional preparation for the ANCC Cardiac Vascular Nursing Exam."

- Jill L, NP

"I think this was a fantastic program and I would recommend it to those I work with that are interested in pursuing continuing education in cardiology, and as a prerequisite to the ANCC certification. It covered the (I believe) most common disorders cardiac nurses see, and gives light to where they should focus their education on if newer to cardiology practice."

- Erin N, BSN, RN, PHN

"This was a great way to challenge myself, gain knowledge, and improve my practice as a cardiac nurse!"

- Diana T, RN
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"I found that I looked forward to completing each module, so it was easy to complete the program in a timely manner."

I would recommend the Cardiovascular Nursing Certificate Program because it provides a thorough update of the most recent advances in cardiovascular disease treatment and interventions that are highly relevant for current nursing practice.

I chose to complete the Cardiovascular Nursing Certificate Program for a few reasons. First of all, the knowledge and review of the science. I am happy to say it delivered. Secondly, I value the material that has been developed by PCNA and trust its quality and timeliness. Lastly, with the many changes in healthcare, delivery systems and the science, of late, it was essential to me to not only review content in my field, but to learn new content in an efficient and enjoyable manner.

One of my Graduate Assistants used to jokingly call me a ‘nerd’, which I actually appreciated. I really enjoy science and especially that physiology of the cardiovascular system. The method of instruction in the Cardiovascular Nursing Certificate Program was effectively planned. I found that I looked forward to completing each module, so it was easy to complete the program in a timely manner. The pre-test at the beginning of each module effectively provided clarity to salient content within the module and piqued my interest as I was getting started to either watch or read the content. There was variety in delivery; certain modules were presented while others contained content to be read, with questions throughout or other interactive content delivery methods. Moreover, experts from various institutions and with varying expertise on the cardiovascular system presented. The follow-up evaluation one month later provided me with confidence that I had actually learned the material and retained the content.

- Elizabeth M, PhD, RN, BS

"The course is not too long and really focuses on the practicing individual and gives tools to enhance the experience."

- Yadira M, RN,CCRP

"I enjoyed this program a lot and gained new knowledge on many aspects of cardiovascular care."

- Samantha T
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