PCNA National Nurses Week Nurse of the Day: Janna Stephens

National Nurses Week: May 6, 2014 – May 12, 2014

Janna Stephens, RN, BSN

Janna Stephens attended the University of Cincinnati to obtain her BSN and is currently a PhD(c) at Johns Hopkins University. She is set to complete her PhD in the fall of 2014.

In the beginning, Stephens entered school with every intention of becoming a doctor. However, while she shadowed several physicians, the situation modified itself after she saw the strong bonds between nurses and their patients. Stephens says that it was in this moment that she decided she would pursue her nursing degree.

The most exciting part about being a nurse, according to Stephens, is the constant change in pace and atmosphere. She says nursing can go in many directions. Being a nurse might mean working with the young or old, in a hospital or a community, teaching future nurses, or in a lab doing research, and nurses are lucky enough to be able to choose their own paths.

In contrast, Stephens says the hardest part of her job is leaving work at work. It is difficult not to think about patients, families, medications, etc. when at home because of the bonds created between nurse and patient. Stephens says although this can be difficult at times, she knows it is part of what makes nursing so special.

When it comes to where she would like to see nursing go in the future, Stephens would like to see the field of nursing research develop even more. She says that nursing research has the capability to change and improve millions of lives, and it is important to keep working hard and encourage more nurses to join the efforts.

Stephens is a resident of Baltimore, Maryland and is excited to be completing her PhD. Wish her luck!

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