Patricia Davidson to Address Palliative Care at Cardiovascular Nursing Symposium

Patricia Davidson Patricia Davidson, PhD, Med, RN, FAAN, FPCNA will speak at PCNA’s Cardiovascular Nursing Symposium on April 4-7, 2018.

Patricia Davidson is the Dean of Johns Hopkins School of Nursing is a global leader in cardiac health for women and vulnerable populations and seeks to develop innovative, acceptable and sustainable initiatives – world wide – to improve the cardiovascular health of underserved populations. She is a leader in advocating for palliative care for non-malignant conditions such as advanced cardiovascular disease. Dr. Davidson, an Australian native, is a PCNA Fellow and has worked closely with PCNA’s International Committee to advocate for the advancement of cardiovascular nursing throughout the world. She will address the topic of palliative care in her Friday, April 6th session “Palliative Care: Ensuring Quality of Life Across the Spectrum of CVD.”  

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