2021 Health Equity Summit Day 1

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Course Overview

Race can have a significant impact on the healthcare you receive and even your risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Join us on a discussion into health disparity and health equity considerations.

Dr. Keith Ferdinand of Tulane University will walk us through recognizing and defining health disparities and inequity. Next, Dr. Neva White of Philadelphia, PA, Board President for Sugga Mamas Diabetes Prevention and Management, discusses the effect of health disparities on cardiometabolic risk as well as solutions for risk reduction.

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Member Cost: $0Non-member Cost: $0
Credits: 0.00 CE contact hours, 0.00 CE pharmacology hours


Learning Objectives

Defining Health Disparities and Inequity: what they are and why we should care

  • Define and describe health disparities and the impact they have on our current economic and health care systems
  • Describe how the coronavirus pandemic and equity movement of the recent past have come together to highlight racial health disparities
  • Outline steps that can be taken at a National, local, and personal level to help close the gap in health disparity.

Health Disparity and Cardiometabolic Risk Reduction

  • Discuss potential barriers to reducing risks in at-risk social/racial and ethnic populations
  • Identify potential solutions to empower and assist patients in overcoming barriers to cardiometabolic risk reduction
  • Describe the role of nurses and community-based resources to support self-management and improve cardiometabolic health


  • Keith Ferdinand, MD, FACC, FAHA, FASPC, FNLA
  • Neva White DNP, CRNP-BC

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