Navigating Chapter Leadership: 7 Tips from PCNA’s Southern Nevada Chapter

Thank you to the Southern Nevada Chapter leaders for sharing their tips on navigating chapter leadership.

PCNA chapters, fueled by dedicated volunteers, are essential to the work of advancing preventive cardiovascular care. With more than 30 regional groups across the country, these chapters play a vital role in disseminating knowledge, organizing events, and fostering community engagement.

Unlocking the secrets to a thriving PCNA chapter, however, isn’t a puzzle – it’s a journey. We sat down with the leaders of the Southern Nevada Chapter and got the inside scoop on their journey to successfully orchestrating events, fostering community, and navigating the world of chapter leadership. Whether you’re a seasoned chapter guru or just starting out, these tips are your ticket to chapter success!

The Southern Nevada Chapter leaders from left to right: Kredlen Dentscheff MSN, RN, NPD-BC, Geselle Lumaban-Corpuz, BSN, RN, CMSRN, Charli Saxton BSN, RN, Florian Ricafort BSN, RN, and David De Santiago BSN, RN.

1. Balance Is Key

Planning and executing events can be stressful, but finding the right balance between work, personal life, and chapter responsibilities is crucial. “This is something we do on our free time, and we want to make sure that we are also having fun doing it,” said Florian Ricafort BSN, RN, the Membership and Events Coordinator. “We are focusing on what we can deliver, but not stressing out too much so that we can still make it fun for everybody!”

The Southern Nevada Chapter had a great turnout for their 2023 Spring Learning Series event, and they attributed the success of the event to the fun they had along the way. “We chose to laugh at the stress that putting on the event gave us. It did make us closer as a team and as friends,” said Kredlen Dentscheff MSN, RN, NPD-BC, Chair of the Education Committee.

2. Find the Higher Purpose

Being a nurse already entails a substantial time commitment, and the prospect of volunteering for an additional role might appear daunting. However, the leaders of the Southern Nevada Chapter emphasize that the broader community benefit is what truly motivates them. “We are here to help the community and give everyone the optimal education that will benefit them and ultimately benefit their patients,” said Kredlen.

3. Meet With Food

“I noticed when we would meet in the hospital, with no food involved, we were super stressed,” said Chapter President Geselle Lumaban-Corpuz, BSN, RN, CMSRN. “But when we meet out, we are professional but friendly and sharing happy moments. Meeting with food is always good, so we try to make that a point.”

PCNA provides a chapter grant that financially supports these types of meetings. To learn more, contact Mariel Snyder, PCNA’s Senior Membership and Chapter Lead, at

4. Know Your Resources (And Use Them)

“I think the initial hurdle with any chapter, or any project, that you’re going to start is finding out your resources. This is something we always see in nursing; how important it is to know your resources,” said Vice President Charli Saxton BSN, RN.

Understanding and utilizing available resources is essential for chapter success, and knowing your organization’s support structure and networking opportunities can greatly benefit your events. “We have been very fortunate that our hospital is in full support of our group,” said Geselle. “They let us use the auditorium for the spring event and our hospital’s marketing director shared our fliers to the sister facilities in the Valley, which helped us promote our events as well.”

5. Get on Social Media

Speaking of resources, social media is an excellent one to utilize. “In this day and age, everybody is on social media,” said David De Santiago BSN, RN, Chair of the Community Events Committee. The Southern Nevada Chapter is currently utilizing Instagram as a way to expand their network and share information about their events with a wider audience. “Giselle had a lot of networks in leadership that are dispersed throughout the city, and so having those networks and inviting them in through social media really helps us increase our networking by a lot more than if we just promoted through word of mouth,” said Florian.

By leveraging existing networks and tagging relevant individuals and organizations, your chapter can extend its reach and impact. “Whenever we make posts on our PCNA Instagram, a lot of times we will tag ourselves into the pictures,” said Charli. “Then it goes to your personal page and other work friends with nurses all over the valley, so that helps too.”

6. Learn as You Go

Embracing a willingness to learn and adapt is crucial for chapter growth. “The biggest takeaway I would take from this experience is that you just have to go for it. You have to be the person that reaches out and initiates the conversation,” emphasized Charli. Approaching challenges as opportunities for growth and learning can lead to valuable insights and improvements.

7. PCNA Is Here to Help!

At PCNA, we strive to make our chapters feel fully supported, and the support we offer can be a tremendous asset to your chapter’s endeavors. “I have never seen such a supportive organization as PCNA. It is amazing to be a part of this organization where you guys really want us to be involved and you provide ways for us to be involved,” expressed Geselle.

The Southern Nevada Chapter leaders at their 2023 Spring Learning Series event.

Incorporating these insightful tips from the Southern Nevada Chapter into your chapter leadership approach can help create a thriving and engaging experience for your members. By finding balance, fostering a higher purpose, leveraging resources, embracing social media, and maintaining a learning mindset, you can elevate your chapter’s impact within the preventive cardiovascular care community. Remember, the journey to chapter success is an ongoing process, and each step you take contributes to a stronger and more vibrant chapter.

Find more information on joining your local chapter (or starting your own!) here.

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