Inspirational Advice for Cardiovascular Nurses from our Members

Discover Valuable Insights and Wisdom on Making the Most of Your Career

Many cardiovascular nurses continually search for ways to expand their knowledge and skills that can help them achieve their goals. Wherever you are on your career journey, words of wisdom from fellow nurses can help inspire you to make the most of your dream. We asked PCNA members across the country for their most valuable career advice and here is what they had to say:

Determine What Success Means to You and Stay Curious

“I would encourage any cardiovascular nurse first to consider what a ‘successful career’ looks like for them as this can vary from person to person. Maybe your interest lies in providing direct patient care, teaching in an academic setting, research, or some combination of this. Maybe you don’t know right away, and that’s okay. What is key is to stay curious, don’t be afraid to say yes to opportunities and push outside your comfort zone because that is how we grow.” – Eryn B., MSN, NP-C, member of the Northern California Chapter since 2015

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Communicate with your Patients to Get to the Root of the Problem

“Never underestimate the importance of your patients’ diet. Knowing what was consumed yesterday will determine your acute care. Knowing what they ate last month will help solve their chronic issues. Don’t stop asking questions until you get the answers you are looking for – this will help you get to the source of the problem.” – Abby G., MA, BSN, RN, CDE, CTTS, Nurse Diabetic Educator, Transition Coordinator; member of the Northern New Jersey and Metro New York Chapters since 1998

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Recognize Your Important Role in Cardiovascular Health

“Nurses and advanced practice nurses provide a depth of patient-centered care that is 100% indispensable to the very survival of cardiology (or any) practice. Hone your motivational interviewing skills. Dive into the field of patient self-management support and shared decision-making. Recognize that you are the expert in what the patient, their family members, and caregivers need to live their best life with their chronic illness.” – Leslie M., DNP, ANP-BC, RN; PCNA member since 2008

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Keep Asking Quesiotns and Always Celebtrate the Successes

“Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your patient’s care, CV research, your career, or other CV opportunities that may be of interest to you. The most valuable successes that we receive are the “thank you’s” from our patients. Be proud and celebrate all the important care you give patients!” – Mary H., Director of Clinical Research; member of the Chicago Chapter since 2015

Set Actionable Goals for Yourself

“Set goals and strive to meet them. Goal setting keeps you involved and actively learning. Always look for ways to improve and better yourself.” – Ruth S., RN ANPC; member of the Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter since 2016

Focus on Collaboration

“Look for opportunities to apply your clinical expertise and nursing ‘lens’ to collaborate broadly with other clinicians, researchers, patients, and their communities to promote cardiovascular prevention. We talk a lot about our silos in health care. Cardiovascular nurses are in prime positions to help bridge the chasms between those silos, and PCNA is a great way to engage!” – Emily J., Associate Professor, Ph.D., RNC-OB; member of the Boston Chapter since 2012

Discover ways to strengthen nurse-physician relationships and other coworker relationships to maximize your collaborative efforts.

Nursing School is Only the Beginning

“Nursing school is only the beginning of your learning. Keep setting new goals for what you want to learn next or achieve for your career. When you achieve that, set a new goal.” – Sally F, MS, BSN, RN, FPCNA; member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter for over 20 years

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Explore All the Possibilities

“The most valuable career advice I can give to a CV Nurse is to explore all the opportunities available to you. Think one year, five years, and ten years, 20 years. The perfect job doesn’t happen overnight. You must put in the time and energy to position yourself as the person who is most qualified and most dedicated. Educate yourself on what is needed most in your area, then advance your degree and/or certifications if necessary.” – Erin C., RN BSN, member of the First Coast Florida Chapter since 2017

Never Stop Learning

“The most valuable career advice that I can offer a cardiovascular nurse is to pursue educational opportunities continuously. Inevitably, the roles of nurses are changing to meet the needs of patients. To uphold these demands, we need to persevere. I recommend cardiovascular nurses go above and beyond obtaining the mandatory CEs.” – Katrice R, MSN RN-BC, member of the Los Angeles Chapter since 2018

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Make Reading a Habit

“Cardiovascular nursing is expansive: preventative cardiology, electrocardiology, cardiac surgery, cardiac rehabilitation, cardiac intensive care, clinical research, and more. Reading just one article or manuscript a day provides new insights into the best evidence for nursing practice, research, and scholarship. As cardiovascular nurses, we have a common interest in providing the highest level of care to our patients, and I believe this is achieved when we read the best evidence.” – Dillon D., BS, RN, Ph.D. student at University of Rochester School of Nursing; PCNA member since 2017

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These heartfelt words of wisdom can help inspire you to advance your career to new heights.

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