First National Policy and Science Summit on Women’s CV Health

PCNA was honored to participate in the first National Policy & Science Summit on Women’s Cardiovascular Health held in October 2015 in Washington DC. The Summit’s focus was to provide policy & research recommendations regarding women, atrial fibrillation and stroke risk. Participants identified the following as key initiatives in order to reduce sex and gender differences as they apply to heart disease in women:

    1. Hold funders responsible for the inclusion, analysis and reporting of research study results by sex and gender
    2. Develop, fund and launch a public awareness campaign highlighting women living with heart disease
    3. Advocate for research funding that addresses women’s heart health, including during pregnancy and sex and gender risk factors
    4. Promote the appropriate use of cardiac rehabilitation services among women

The recommendations were presented on May 17th at WomenHeart’s congressional briefing and published in the May/June 2016 issue of Women’s Health issues.  The commentary, Advancing Women’s Heart Health Through Policy and Science: Highlights from the First National Policy and Science Summit on Women’s Cardiovascular Health provides detailed recommendations to address sex and gender differences in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes of heart disease in women is available here.

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