Dr. Kim Williams to Speak at 24th Annual Cardiovascular Nursing Symposium

Kim Williams PCNA is excited to host Dr. Kim Williams at the 2018 Cardiovascular Nursing Symposium. Dr. Williams, chairman of cardiology at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago and former American College of Cardiology President will address the topic: “It’s Easy Being Green: Lifestyle Medicine and Plant-Based Diets” on Thursday, April 5th at the PCNA Annual Symposium. Dr. Williams has written about his personal experience and motivation to follow a vegan diet. He typically recommends his patients adopt a plant-based diet, along with exercise, to manage cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension and coronary artery disease.

He bases his recommendations not just on his own personal success but based on small, observational studies that have demonstrated regression of coronary plaque along with improved risk factor profiles in those following a vegan diet. While he admits that larger randomized trials are needed before wide-spread recommendations can be made, he asks, “wouldn’t it be a laudable goal (for cardiologists) to put ourselves out of business within a generation or two?” 

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