Helping Patients Navigate Their ATTR-CM Diagnosis and Management

This three-part ATTR-CM nurse navigation podcast series highlights best practices in the diagnosis and management of ATTR-CM (Transthyretin Amyloid Cardiomyopathy). Whether or not your job title includes the phrase ‘nurse navigator,’ the role of helping patients navigate their ATTR-CM diagnosis and management can be complex. Find clinical pearls and related resources to help you, your colleagues, patients, and family members/caregivers help improve patient outcomes.

African American man with headphones on listening to a podcast on a laptop and taking notes in a notebook.

What Did I Get Myself Into? ATTR-CM Nurse Navigation

ATTR-CM symptoms and diagnostics, team-based care and specialists, and the importance of the nurse navigator role (even if that isn’t your specific job title) are discussed.  

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The ATTR-CM Arc: Helping Patients Navigate Their New “Normal”

The episode reviews resources for health care providers and their patients with ATTR-CM, including written/electronic references, websites, mentors, organizations, support groups, clinical trials, and specialty clinics.

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People, Places, and Things: Key Resources for ATTR-CM Nurse Navigators

A conversation about the needs of patients with ATTR-CM from the time of disease diagnosis, including the need for primary care for ongoing management.

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Additional ATTR-CM Resources

See our other ATTR-CM tools, including a communication guide, glossary, and resources.