Hosting a Successful Chapter Meeting

  1. Communication with Your Fellow Chapter Leaders
  2. Updating Your Web page
  3. Mentoring Program
  4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Communication with Your Fellow Chapter Leaders

Visit the Chapter Web page and participate in the Chapter Leader forum. Pose questions to common challenges and get answers from Chapter Leaders who share similar experiences. Participate in a bi-annual conference call just for Chapter Leaders. This is a great opportunity to check in and connect with Chapter Leaders! Contact Mariel for details.

Updating Your Chapter’s Webpage

Keeping your Chapter’s webpage updated is a wonderful way to keep your members aware of upcoming events and changes in the Leadership Team. Send all updates to the Chapter Coordinator via email.

 Pictures are a great way to visually represent different events your chapter hosts. Be sure to send the Chapter Coordinator pictures you would like on your chapter’s web page.

Mentoring Program

New Chapter Leaders can be assigned a mentor, or another Chapter Leader, who has demonstrated marked success in promoting the mission and goals of PCNA in their Chapter region. If you are interested in being a mentor or participating in this program contact the Chapter Coordinator.


Q: Can we charge a small amount for our Journal Club chapter meeting just to cover minor expenses for refreshments, possibly one speaker at times?

A. Check our CE and Leadership Team Grant information in Chapter 3 for more information. As for a speaker, we don’t usually grant honoraria for chapter members or PCNA leadership to be speakers at events. If you’re looking for an outside speaker, you might contact us and seek help securing a product theater or local sponsor that would help cover those costs.

Q: If we can charge can we collect money at the event? Or would this have to go through PCNA?

A. Because of our status as a 501(c)(3) we can’t allow organizations/chapters that fall under our umbrella to collect money independently.

Q: Do you have webex/webinar capability for chapters to utilize to further our reach for meetings and programs? If so how do I get a link for a program?

A. We do not have that capability at this time. However, we do use some free meeting services that can accommodate conference calls and screen sharing, like AnyMeeting, in the office to facilitate meetings. They are relatively easy to set up, so you may look into something like that.

Q. We want to send a survey out to our chapter members – do we need to work through PCNA for this?

 A. Yes, if you send Mariel the survey questions, she can send it out to the chapter list.