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New Partnership with Nursing Collaborative on Climate Challenge and Health

By PCNA | June 29, 2018

The Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association has joined with eight other national nursing organizations as a member of the Nursing Collaborative on Climate Challenge and Health.

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Exercise Strategies for Prevention From Exercise is Medicine®

By PCNA | June 28, 2018

Exercise is Medicine® is committed to the idea that exercise and physical activity are integral to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. The program also focused on the low physical activity in health care providers and the need for providers to counsel patients at office visits.

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Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Wins PCNA’s First-ever Institutional Award

By PCNA | June 5, 2018

With a record of producing top notch cardiovascular nursing leaders and conducting nursing research, the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing was a clear choice for the Preventive Cardiovascular Nursing Association’s first-ever Institutional Award for Excellence in Promoting Cardiovascular Care.

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Obesity Impacting Life Expectancy

By PCNA | June 4, 2018

The National Academy of Sciences has reported a slowdown in mortality improvement rates in the United States compared to other countries, and studies indicate that a major contributor is the rise in the prevalence of obesity.

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What Are Natural Flavors?

By PCNA | June 4, 2018

Cardiovascular nurses who counsel patients to improve diet quality may be confronted with questions regarding what “natural flavors” really are and why there are in so many foods.

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Can the Negative Cardiac Effects of Sedentary Aging be Reduced?

By PCNA | May 7, 2018

According to the results of a recent randomized exercise trial in which healthy, sedentary middle age participants were randomized to two years of exercise training or attention control, there is high promise for the phrase “it’s not too late to start exercising”.

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Paper to Serve as Guidance for Promoting Nursing in CVD

By PCNA | May 4, 2018

The GCNLF guidance document is designed to be used when talking with stakeholders, ministers of health, and CVD teams about the important role nurses can play in CVD prevention and management.

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Announcing the 2018 Cardiovascular Nursing Award Winners

By PCNA | April 2, 2018

PCNA is excited to announce the winners of our slate of 2018 awards. PCNA is proud to recognize these individuals for their significant contributions to preventive cardiovascular nursing.

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Cardiovascular Health in African Americans

By PCNA | March 30, 2018

Much work remains to be accomplished to meet the American Heart Association (AHA) 2020 Impact Goals.

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Big Data: What’s the Big Deal?

By PCNA | March 2, 2018

During his opening keynote address at the 2018 Cardiovascular Nursing Symposium, Eric D. Peterson, MD, MPH, FAHA, FACC will take on the topic of “Big Data and the Future of Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Treatment”.

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