Learning doesn't stop with your nursing degree! We believe that nurses who are lifelong learners deliver better patient care. That’s why PCNA is committed to providing you with the resources you need to provide evidence-based care in the fast-changing world of cardiovascular nursing.

Although we would love to meet all of you face-to-face at our Annual Symposium, or at our many local programs, we know that web-based learning is an important (and convenient!) option too.

Please note: Learners claiming credit for a live CE program (either face-to-face or webinar) cannot claim credit for the on-demand archived version of the same program. 

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Incorporating Novel Approaches for Lipid Management

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Beyond Scare Tactics: Effective Risk Communication Strategies

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Exercise is Heart Failure Medicine Too

 $0  .92
Management of Pregnancy in Women with Heart Disease

 $0   .92
Exercise Really IS Medicine

 $0  .92 
Management of Patient with VTE: A Case-Based Approach

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(0.5 Pharm)
Race and Ethnicity: Impact on Heart Disease

 $0  .9
What's a Clinician to Do? Implementation of the 2013 Prevention Guidelines

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The Post-ACS Patient: Adherence to Critical Therapies in the Short- and Long-Term

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 2015 Fall Learning Series:
- Statins and Beyond: New Tools for the Challenging Patient
- Managing VTE: Matching Patient Need to Optimal Therapy
- Secondary Prevention Cocktail: The Key Ingredients

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(1.25 Pharm) 
2014 Pharmacology Preconference


7.00 Pharm
2014 Fall Learning Series: 
- Long-Term Management of the ACS Patient: Focus on Antiplatelet Therapy
- Update on the Management of Hyperlipidemia
- Familial Hypercholesterolemia: Focus on Homozygous Hypercholesterolemia

$0 2.25 
(1.0 Pharm) 
Navigating Barriers to Cardiovascular Risk Reduction in the African-American Patient

$0  0.80
Cardiovascular Disease to Health: Journey of the High Risk Plaque, by Dr. Valentine Fuster

$0  1.00
Acute Coronary Syndrome: Safe Transition to Home...and Health

$0  1.00
Exercise is Medicine: Understanding the Evidence

$0  1.00
2013 Fall Learning Program - Series I

$0  2.25
2013 Fall Program - Series II

$0  2.25
Cardiac Device Update: New Tools and New Indications

$0 0.92
Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Cancer Survivors

$0  0.75
Cardiovascular Health: What Does Stress Have to Do With It?

$0  1.00
Caring for a Woman's Heart: Setting the State for Family Health

$0  1.00
Creating a Heart-Healthy Workplace: The Job Begins with Us!

$0  1.00
Energy Balance in an Obese World: Science & Clinical Applications

$0  1.00
Heart-Healthy Lifestyle Counseling: Making the Clinical Encounter More Efficient-and Effective

$0  1.00
Hey Coach! Winning Strategies for Behavior Change

$0   0.92
Intuitive Eating: Creating a Healthy Relationship with Food, Mind, and Body

$0  1.00
Mindset: A New Strategy for Health Behavior Change

$0  1.00
Motivational Interviewing in Action: Skills & Tools to Enhance Change in 
Physical Activity Behavior Expand

$0  1.00
Move It! Update from the Activity Side of the Energy Balance Equation - Plus Strategies To Get Your Clients Off The Couch

$0  1.00
Move It: Physical Activity to Improve Heart Health in Older Adults

 $0 .83
Optimal Strategies to Reduce Cardioembolic Risk in the Patient with Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation: A Patient Centered Approach

$0   2.25
(1.00 Pharm)
Podiums, Posters and Publishing: Sharing Your Work

$0  1.00
Pregnancy Complications: A Wake-Up Call for Future CVD RIsk

$0 0.75 
Public Health Approaches to Decreasing Dietary Sodium Intake: A CDC Perspective

$0  0.92
Risk Matters: A Case-Based Approach to the New Prevention Recommendations

$0  1.00
Sit Less, Move More! Understanding Inactivity Physiology and Strategies to Help Patients Adopt Healthier Behaviors

$0   1.00
The Heart Failure Patient as a Partner in Care

$0   0.75
The Obesity Paradox: Is It All About Cardiovascular Fitness?

$0  1.00
Winning the Tobacco Battle: One Smoker at a Time

$0  0.92
Writing Strong Abstracts for Scientific Conferences

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All listed continuing educational offerings were reviewed in September 2015 and were determined to be current and relevant.