2013 Winner

Thank You

Thank you to all who participated in the first PCNA Prevention Challenge! We are inspired by your journeys and excitement for developing programs for heart disease awareness at your organizations.


"Get Your A in G" Challenge

Allen & Gerritsen, Boston, Massachusetts

Allen & Gerritsen will accept their award at a special awards ceremony at the PCNA 19th Annual Symposium Opening Reception on Thursday, May 2.

Allen & Gerritsen’s “Get Your A in G” Challenge for the PCNA Prevention Challenge: Allen & Gerritsen, an advertising agency in Boston, created a program that involves our entire agency - more than 100 employees total - to help build healthy exercise habits. Since the majority of our employees spend most of their days in an office environment, A&G decided it would be best to devise a challenge that increased activity both throughout the workday and at home.

The goal of the program is to get people moving in many different ways and in forms that are easiest for them. Workouts can be anything from an intense spin class to an afternoon playing catch with their kids. A&G aims to help employees fit exercise and heart health easily into their hectic schedules.

For the “Get your A in G Challenge,” A&G’s internal health and wellness group divided the office into six randomly selected teams to encourage a healthy competition among our employees. Each team is led by a wellness captain, and is working to have the most hours spent exercising starting on March 1 and ending on April 1. The team with the most logged hours receives a prize that will be kept secret until the big announcement. Captains are arranging workday events like lunchtime walks, stair climbing challenges, and yoga sessions. To make it easy on participants, A&G has set up the challenge on a website (with a
corresponding smartphone app) that allows participants to easily track their workouts daily. The online challenge creates a leader board of all the teams so everyone can see the rankings.

The goal is to make this fitness challenge easy and accessible for all employees so they can begin to improve their overall heart health and well being. In a competitive environment like the advertising industry, we’re sure the teams will be trying to out-do each other daily!

Winning this challenge would provide the A&G Health and Wellness team the funds necessary to provide more in-office exercise options – From hiring a weekly fitness instructor to on-site Zumba classes to purchasing yoga mats... And also providing options for less active people looking to ease into a workout routine. We believe this contest will have multiple benefits for our staff. The office will be healthier, happier, and it will give our wellness program a great head start for future heart healthy initiatives. The “Get your A in G challenge” is kick starting our overall wellness program at A&G and everyone is excited that the whole office is working together to improve.

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