Chapter Information

The Boston serves any individuals from Southern Massachusetts and West Vermont.

Chapter Leaders

Heather Harker Ryan
is a 2014-2016 Jonas Nurse Leader Scholar, and PhD Candidate in Nursing and Population Health at the University of Massachusetts Boston. She has received undergraduate degrees in Anthropology and Nursing, and earned a MS in Nursing from the University of Massachusetts Boston in 2014. In addition to her work with PCNA, Heather serves on the Board of Directors in the Sigma Theta Tau – Theta Alpha chapter, and holds membership in the Society for Prevention Research. Heather held the role of Program Nurse for the Preventive Cardiology Program at Boston Children’s Hospital until July 2015, where she assisted in the management of children and families with cardiovascular risk factors. Currently she is the lecturer in undergraduate Nursing Care of Children at the University of Massachusetts Boston, a senior graduate research assistant on an R01 funded obesity intervention trial using social media, and continues to hold research appointments in cardiology and gastroenterology at Boston Children’s Hospital. Heather’s research interests lie in the family experience and parenting implications for management of children diagnosed with Familial Hypercholesterolemia.

Chapter Leaders

Heather Harker Ryan, MS, RN
Doctoral Candidate, Nursing & Population Health
University of Massachusetts Boston