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Chapter Events

Chapters need to host a minimum of 2 CE events a year. Typically these take place in the spring and the fall. Some chapters choose to host more than 2 and PCNA will work with these chapters on budget and feasibility.

Chapter Event Check List

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2017 PCNA Intro Slide Deck

Product Theatre Amarin (Topic: Lipids)
Chapter  Date Venue
CE Topic
Dallas-Fort Worth
9/30 Humperdinks  
Arizona 10/5 TBD
Metro NY
11/1 TBD  
Central Valley, CA 11/4 TBD
Crescent City, LA
11/9 Zea Kenner
Product Theatre Alexion (Topic:Lysosomal Acid Lipase Deficiency)
Chapter Date Venue CE Topic
Chicago 9/9 Marriot Antiplatelet & Dyslipidemia
Atlanta 9/9 TBD
Greater Cincinnati
10/7 TBD  
Rocky Mountain
10/14 TBD  
Boston TBD TBD  
Product Theatre Access (Topic: Access)
Chapter Date Venue CE Topic
Chicago 9/9 See above
First Coast
9/30 Adam Herbert University Center
Northern California
9/30 TBD
Product Theatre TBD (Topic:TBD - most likely Heart Failure)
Chapter Date Venue
CE Topic
Connecticut 10/19* TBD  
Minnesota 10/26 TBD
Northeast Ohio 11/4 or 11/11 Hillcrest Hospital Cardiometabolic, Antiplatelet, VTE
Central Virginia
11/16 TBD  
Product Theatre Ingelheim (Topic:Cardiometabolic - Diabetes)
Chapter Date Venue CE Topic
Long Island
9/26 Gastronomy  Antiplatelet
Non-Product Theatre
Chapter Date Venue CE Topic
Madison 10/4 Goodman Center Cardiometabolic
Northern NJ 10/26 TBD
Upper Valley 10/27* DHMC
North Central West Virginia
Freeport, IL
Cedar Valley, IA

Chapter Fall Programs (FLS)

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