Clinical Lipidology

ACCL is the first and only independent certifying organization that has developed standards and an examination in the field of clinical lipidology for the growing number of mid- and advanced-level allied healthcare professionals who manage and treat patients with lipid disorders.  Certification by the ACCL demonstrates professional commitment to the prevention of cardiovascular disease and documents expertise in lipid management for patients, professionals, and colleagues. It also correlates with the PCNA mission of promoting nurses as leaders in the prevention of CVD.

To become credentialed, candidates must meet the basic eligibility criteria and training requirements of the ACCL, which require applicants to demonstrate that they have earned 200 credit-hour equivalents or "points" to qualify for the examination. Points can be earned in a variety of ways, including primary and subspecialty certifications, relevant academic practice, and involvement in relevant clinical research and participation in lipid-focused continuing medical education activities.

For more information about the ACCL, to obtain an application, or to review eligibility requirements, please visit the ACCL website at