PCNA Heart Failure Prevention Award

PCNA Heart Failure Prevention Award

Supported by Novartis, Inc

 This award recognizes a registered or advanced practice nurse who has demonstrated an innovative, successful model of primary or secondary preventive care for patients with heart failure. The best practice model or research project should be culturally appropriate and relevant to a middle aged or geriatric population.

 Metrics/program outcomes may include one or more of the following:

  • Decrease in heart failure symptoms       
  • Improved CV Risk Factors
  • Improved quality of life
  • Decreased hospital readmission rate
  • Increased access to care
  • Improved skills, understanding of HF or support for caregivers
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Improved adherence
  • Improvements in self care                                    

Eligibility Criteria

  • May self nominate
  • A current member of PCNA
  • PCNA must be listed on the applicant’s CV as one of their Professional Organizations
  • Must attend the PCNA Annual Symposium and receive the award in person
  • Must present the best practice model or research  as a submitted abstract at the PCNA Annual Symposium for a poster or oral presentation

The winner of this award cannot be considered for the award in the consecutive year.  Projects and honorable mentions from previous years can reapply for the award.


The PCNA Nominating & Awards Committee will select the winner based on the creativity and innovation of the program and the above listed metrics/program outcomes.


The winner will be recognized at the opening of the PCNA Annual Symposium with:

  • The PCNA Heart Failure Award Plaque
  • $1,000 Award

In addition, the winner will receive complimentary symposium registration, air and/or auto travel expenses and 3-night hotel stay to attend the symposium

How to Apply: Required Documents

1)    A completed application form (see below)

2)    A current curriculum vitae

3)    Two letters of support from health professionals supporting the importance of the submitted best practice model or research.  The letters must address the applicant with regards to their work being submitted for this award.

4)    A testimonial or letter of support from a program participant.

Nomination deadline

All applications and supporting letters must be received by the PCNA National office on or before January 1, 2015. The winner will be notified by February 15, 2014. Applications and letters should be mailed to:


            Attn: Samantha Lengel

            613 Williamson Street, Suite 200

            Madison, WI, 53703




E-mail to:  slengel@pcna.net


For questions, please contact:

Samantha Lengel at slengel@pcna.net or 608-442-3448