A Heart Healthy Toolbox: Introduction

The Heart Healthy Toolbox - An Introduction

The Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association (PCNA) is proud to make available A Heart Healthy Toolbox: Lifestyle Change Tools for Health Care Professionals and Their Patients, a compilation of resources to support heart healthy lifestyle education for adult patients in both the cardiology and primary care settings.  PCNA recognizes the critical roles that healthy nutrition, physical activity and exercise, avoidance of tobacco and successful management of stress play in cardiovascular health. We also recognize the challenge of communicating evidence-based information and, more importantly, coaching patients with behavior change, in the space of a brief clinical encounter. We hope that these printed tools will amplify your efforts.

This collection is divided into 4 sections:

Professional Resources: Tools for clinicians

Healthy Eating Resources: Information for patients about diet and nutrition
Exercise and Physical Activity Resources: Tools to support the incorporation of both exercise and physical activity into a healthy lifestyle
Total Health: Miscellaneous tools - including the role of sleep, stress management, and tobacco avoidance

A List of Professional Resources used in compiling this collection is included, as well as a list of web resources for patients. We hope this toolbox will become a well-used resource. We look forward to hearing how you are using this with your patients!