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How often do you use this booklet with patients in your clinical practice?

As a result of reviewing this patient tool and using it in your clinical practice, please rate your level of agreement with the following statements:

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I am satisfied with the overall quality of this patient tool.
I would recommend this patient tool to a friend or colleague.
The information provided in this patient tool is relevant to my practice.
This tool assists me in providing better patient care.
My prescribing and follow-up monitoring practices are now more closely aligned to evidence-based guidelines.
I now conduct a more comprehensive patient assessment.
I now incorporate a wider array of patient-education materials on a regular basis.
I now incorporate new coaching techniques to motivate patients for behavior change.
I access clinical learning resources related to reducing cardiovascular risk factors on a more frequent basis.
PCNA is among my top three sources for finding evidence-based practice recommendations related to treating cardiovascular risk factors.
To provide the best possible care for patients, healthcare professionals must engage in continuous learning.
In which areas have you seen improved patient outcomes? (Check all that apply)

In which areas do you feel that additional professional education would better prepare you for your clinical responsibilities and ultimately improve patient outcomes? (Check all that apply)

What are the most effective methods of educating healthcare professionals in order to improve patient health outcomes? (Check all that apply)